About the Developers

Brinshore Development, LLC

Established in 1994, Brinshore Development, LLC is an innovative real estate company specializing in the development of residential communities that foster conservation, collaboration and affordability. Brinshore has undertaken dozens of developments, from large-scale master planned communities to the restoration of meticulously preserved historic properties. The Brinshore portfolio today encompasses more than 4,000 residential units valued at more than $1 billion.

To learn more, please visit www.brinshore.com

Maures Development Group, LLC

Maures Development Group, LLC is a woman and minority-owned business
based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The firm specializes in urban real estate development
with the goal of restoring ownership, wealth, health, safety and pride to urban neighborhoods
through holistic development.

Maures’s projects include both commercial and residential development,
and Maures’ President and Founder, Melissa Goins, strategically selects areas
for redevelopment that continue to survive in spite of sluggish economies or
ongoing neighborhood challenges. Maures has earned a reputation for
identifying innovative urban development opportunities that incorporate
industry advances, while emphasizing community. Successful integration
of these characteristics has proven to be beneficial in enhancing economic,
environmental and community sustainability.

To learn more, please visit www.mauresllc.com